EPIwafers for ELectronics
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Metrology Equipment

Metrology Equipment

Our metrology capabilities are based on methods and equipment widely adopted by the Epi industry worldwide.

  • Particle Control (KLA Tencor Surfscan 6220)
  • 4 point probe measurement (RS30 Omni Map, ResMap178)
  • Spreading resistance measurement (SSM130)
  • Epi layer breakdown voltage measurement
  • CV-measurement (SSM 495)
  • Fourier spectral measurement (FS1201P)
  • Wafer surface quality control (Reflex300, Reflex375)
  • Microscopy («Jenatech», «Ergolux», «Latimet»)

To satisfy the growing requirements of the market to Epi wafer quality and parameter measurement accuracy Epiel regularly upgrades its metrology capability.

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