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Mikron has included Epiel in AVL as supplier of 200mm silicon epitaxial wafers

Mikron has included Epiel in AVL as supplier of 200mm silicon epitaxial wafers

  • 16.10.2015

    JSC Mikron, the largest manufacturer of microelectronics and RFIDs in Russia, has included Epiel in Approved Vendor List after successfully processing test lots of silicon epitaxial wafers on 180nm CMOS technology in its 200mm FAB. This was preceded by a comprehensive modernization project at Epiel aimed to increase overall epitaxial capacity and introduce 200 mm epitaxial capabilities for Power device and Integrated circuit applications to fulfill the needs of the leading Russian semiconductor manufacturers.

    Mikron's 200mm FAB was launched in collaboration with the leading international IC manufacturer – STMicroelectronics in a large-scale technology transfer process and offers technologies for IC products with supported topology range from 250 to 65 nm. At present, this facility is the largest and most advanced semiconductor fab in Russia. Mikron manufactures a wide range of products including power management ICs, digital Flash memory products, RFID-chips, microprocessors and microcontrollers.

    Epiel has a longstanding business relationship with Mikron supplying silicon epitaxial wafers for a number of applications. To be included in Approved Vendor List for the 200mm FAB is an honour for Epiel which validates our efforts to stay in line with technology development of the most advanced semiconductor manufacturer in Russia, and encourages us to further growth and modernization.

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