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Epiel hosts a Customer Conference to celebrate company's 20th anniversary

Epiel hosts a Customer Conference to celebrate company's 20th anniversary

  • 26.10.2018

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    IMG October 26, 2018, Moscow, Russia, Epiel hosted a Customer Conference attributed to the company's 20th anniversary. The event was organised to promote cooperation within the microelectronics community and provide a platform for industry professionals to network and share ideas. The Conference brought together a number of national semiconductor industry players to discuss latest developments and explore current and future trends in semiconductors. Speakers presentations featured reports on different aspects of epitaxy, device design and fabrication, new materials and many more.

    The conference sessions featured the following reports:

    1. Epiel tomorrow. Epitaxy of new high performance materials. // Statsenko V.N. (Epiel JSC, Chairman, Chief designer)
    2. High resistivity silicon epitaxial layers technology // Lublin V.V. (Epiel JSC, CTO)
    3. Process gases for microelectronics // Bosy P.N. (Horst Ltd., Sales executive)
    4. Silicon epitaxy for TVS-diodes and low-voltage Zener diodes. // Schwarz G.M. (Epiel JSC, Head of laboratory)
    5. Chloride-induced mass-transfer epitaxy for ultra-thick silicon layer growth for patterned SOI fabrication. // Tarasov D.V. (Epiel JSC, research engineer)
    6. MIDA high precision pressure sensors based on silicon-on-sapphire technology. // Savchenko E.G. (MIDA, Deputy head of research laboratory)
    7. Silicon-on-sapphire epitaxial wafers for CMOS IC application. // Chumak V.D. (Epiel JSC, SOS chief designer)
    8. MBE growth of heteroepitaxial Ga(Al)N on 3С-SiC/Si substrates. // Fedotov S.D. (Epiel JSC, research fellow)
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