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Growth & Achievements

Growth & Achievements

Epiel today is the largest and the most advanced independent manufacturer of Silicon Epitaxial wafers for the microelectronics industry in Russia.

The goal of Epiel corporate development strategy is maximizing customer satisfaction through improvement of the quality of our products and customer service and development of new Epi products designed to meet our customers new requirements. Innovations are based on close interaction with customers on matters of product quality and process technology as well as continuous monitoring of customer requirements and development plans.

In order to support the technological progress of the company we conduct indoor research and development aimed to elaborate new manufacturing processes and broaden the range of Epi products offered to our customers. Since Epiel was established in 1998 we have developed and introduced to the market Epi wafer products for quite a number of applications including Power devices, IGBT, DMOS, Shottky diodes and Integrated circuits.

The technological progress at Epiel has been strongly supported by continuous development of Epitaxial facility. Our facility has been undergoing steady growth and modernization based on accurate analysis of industry leaders’ experience and consultations with acknowledged industry experts.

Today the company is moving further with its development by increasing Epi wafer production capacity and introducing 200 mm Epi products for Power device and Integrated circuit applications.



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